Who We Are

Starting a business is a job for only a select few. You must be determined, open-minded, have unwavering passion, and realize that there are many failures to be met along the way. So, it is not very often that college students start their own businesses. Time and money are already hard to come by, knowledge is limited and the drive to succeed often has not been kindled.

This is why Blü World beats the odds. Started on January 1st of 2013 by University of Nevada Students Trevor DeRuisé and Sierra Davies, the company sets itself apart from its competition.

The owners and founders, DeRuisé and Davies have 9 years of collective graphic design, web design, and photography experience, mostly from freelance work and work done for friends and family. They started working for clients in the Reno area in October of 2012.

What We Do

Blü World Inspired is a graphic, print, and web design and internet marketing company based out of Reno, NV.

Graphic Design

Hand drawn, embossed, and foiled logos and designs are out and fresh, sleek and simple modern designs are in. At Blü World, we pride ourselves in our youthful approach to design, which we blend with  our clients needs to come up with beautiful modern logos, and clean, effective print designs.

Print Design

Not only can we design your custom business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, banners, and more, but we also print them for the lowest rates around. next time you think VistaPrint, think Blü World instead, and keep the services local.

Web Design

It is becoming more and more essential for businesses of all types to have a website. But, not any website will do. If your customer can’t contact you or are put off by the “timeless” design of your website, it’s time to start thinking about updating and stop losing business. We design primarily WordPress and Shopify websites and web stores, with as many plugins as your heart desires.

Internet Marketing

Depending on the market your business is trying to attract and for what reasons, we can help you develop and implement internet marketing strategies including PPC advertising with Google and Facebook, bettering your SEO through various up-to-dat techniques, or by targeting social media.